2D Games

Various small 2D games I have developed in my spare time.

I really enjoy making games and little game vignettes. This is something I have been doing for years starting all the way back with flash games. I now like to use a variety of different engines and tools.

Learning and figuring things out is one of the many pieces I really enjoy about gamedev.

I still do make little mini 2D games but lately I have started on larger 3D based games for some of my personal projects and stories. As well as a making small Minecraft mods from time to time.

Calvins Quest 1

A small pixel game where the main character goes on a obstacle course journey to collect all his missing toys.

This project was made in Construct 3 game engine.


This is a platforming obstacle course game where you are a square trying to make your way to the goal.

This project was made in Construct 2 game engine.


Here is a small sidecroller zombie bash'em up style game in a Ed, Edd'n Eddy cartoon style.

This project was made in Construct 2 game engine.

Toot Toot Moose

Here is a small goofy android game using flappy bird mechnics. This is something I did over a weekend.

This project was made in GameMaker engine.