Star Trek: Resurgence

Studio: Dramatic Labs

Role: Art Director & Concept Artist

Star Trek: Resurgence is a narrative adventure game featuring dialog choices, relationship building, and exploration.

I was fortunate enough to be able be part of the team during its earliest stages. Being able to help develop the overall Art Direction and supported the team in various areas of development from concept, outsourced art management, ui art, material creation and a handful of other areas.

This was a fully remote role and really allowed for a unique process that helped me evolve and develop in several areas with new methods and techniques for creation and collaboration.


Below are in game screenshots.

Production Art

The following images are a few pieces of production art and final art from this project. This work was in collaboration with my talented team and other skilled artist I worked with.

Carter Diaz model and texture in UE4.

USS Resolute model and texture in UE4.

This is an image of the Shuttle Bay on the USS Resolute in UE4.

Tylas character model and textures in UE4.

Background art on Tau looking out at Hotari Prime.

Concept Art

Here are couple of concept art images that I had the opportinity to create for this project.